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For our young patients (8 weeks - 1 year), we recommend a sequence of kitten vaccinations, followed by a series of boosters to enhance their immunity. Deworming is recommended as well as we can not know what a new kitten may have picked up previously. We will also test for FIV/Felv since kittens can catch these immune suppressing viruses from another infected cat or even their mother.

For our adult patients (1 - 9 years), we recommend annual visits to check their weight, discuss their health and behavior, and update vaccinations. Vaccinations are given one year after their boosters, then given every three years. We also check for fleas, and offer various flea and deworming treatments. We also recommend testing outdoor cats annually for FIV/Felv since they are at risk of coming in contact with other cats.

For our older patients (10+ years), we recommend biannual check ups as lots of changes can occur in an older cat’s health in a short amount of time. During a senior exam we check their weight which can be a big sign to their general health. Weight loss can be a sign of hyperthyroid disease, kidney disease, diabetes, etc. The earlier we pick up on these signs, the better the treatment and outcome. We also get a clear history on how your older cat has been doing, and may update vaccines if recommended.

Each cat is unique in how they like to be handled, or not handled, and we do our best to make each visit is as stress free as possible. We look forward to meeting you and your cat. It is important to us that you feel supported in caring for your feline companion.

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