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Meet the Clinic Cats

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Clinic Cat

Snowpudge got his start as a flea-ridden kitten in Ewa Beach, where the caught the eye of Dr. Eileen Lau. He was hired on the spot to become Purradise Cat Care's future mascot. Once Purradise opened in 2019, Snowpudge was ready for his career to begin. By this point, he had already been awarded Best in Show for the House Hold Cat Division of Honolulu. As a deaf cat, he continues to be an inspiration to cats across the state. When Snowpudge isn't busy modeling for social media presence, you can find him running the office as Purradise Cat Care, Hawaii's only cat-exclusive veterinary clinic. You can follow his on instagram @snowpudgekitty. 

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Clinic Cat Associate

Milton is originally from Waianae, where he lived in a cat colony as a kitten. Purradise Cat Care's Hospital Administrator found and adopted Milton during a spay and neuter clinic. Snowpudge was so busy with clinic work, and his modeling career, that he decided he needed to hire an assistant to help out with his administrative work at Purradise. Although Milton was still a kitten, he proved to be a valuable and dedicated employee, and so began working full time at the clinic in 2020. During his free time, he enjoys chasing lizards, and has a second job as a security guard in his own back yard. 

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