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One of the most common problems for our feline companions is dental disease. By age 3, most pets have some degree of periodontal disease. This is a result of bacterial infection along the gum line due to plaque. Without frequent removal, plaque eventually hardens into tartar. Left untreated, this leads to gradual tooth loss. Not only is this harmful and painful, but it can also cause damage to the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys.


When it comes to dental disease, most pet owners don’t realize the extent of the problem until it is quite advanced, making annual exams that more important. In the early stages of dental disease, your veterinarian can recommend at-home tooth brushing, dental treats, rinses and diets. When professional dental care is needed, we can provide pre-operative lab work, IV catheterization, general anesthesia, dental x-rays, teeth cleaning and polishing, dental charting, and extractions.


Your pet will thank you for remembering to take care of his or her mouth, and live a longer and happier life as a result.

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